Simple and Effective

Easy Weight Loss – Finally!
Sensa Clinical blocks up to 350 calories per meal!

Sensa Clinical - Sprinkle on Your Food


Sprinkle the full contents of 1 Sensa Clinical packet over a dish high in complex carbohydrates once a day .

Sensa Clinical - Eat What You Want


Make sure to eat the full contents of your daily Sensa Clinical packet, even if you do not finish your food.

Sensa Clinical - Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Let Sensa Clinical work and block up to 350 calories per meal, when used as directed. You will feel fuller and stay satisfied for longer.*



Sensa Clinical - Weight Loss System

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Sensa Clincial - 30 Day Supply


  • Eat the Foods You Love
  • No Complicated Meal Plan
  • Eat Up to 2,200 Calories
  • Blocks up to 350 Calories*‡
  • Helps Suppress Hunger Hormone*
  • Easy 3-Step System

Easy Weight Loss - Finally! Sensa Clinical is All New

The all-new scientifically validated Sensa® Clinical weight-loss system blocks up to 350 calories per meal when used as directed! Shed body fat and lose weight while eating your favorite foods! Just follow three easy steps:

Sensa Clincial - Sensa Weight Loss

Sprinkle. Eat. Lose Weight!

Sensa Clinical - Easy Weight Loss Formula
The Sensible Solution

What's New About
Sensa Clinical?

The new clinical-strength formula, Sensa Clinical, is scientifically validated for easy, painless weight loss.

Sensa Clinical's key compound works to suppress your hunger hormone, block calories, and help you feel satisfied longer — so you can lose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods.†*

Sensa Clinical Works in two Effective Ways:


It blocks calories, lowering your overall caloric intake, so you can stress less about counting calories, and enjoy your favorite meals while reducing body fat and losing weight.*


It suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin,* so you feel more satisfied and full, even while you're losing weight.

Sensa Clinical means weight loss with no complicated diet plan, and no changes to your exercise routine... even when you eat as many as 2,000-2,200 calories per day, including your favorite high complex carbohydrate foods.

Just sprinkle Sensa Clinical on your favorite foods and start reaching your weight-loss goals.

Sprinkle, Eat, and Lose Weight. That's It!

The Science Behind Sensa

How does Sensa Clinical Cause Weight Loss?

Sensa Clinical tricks your brain into believing you are full by suppressing your hunger hormone.* This is why the new science-based Sensa Clinical makes restricting calorie intake almost automatic!

Real Results

The "Diet" Fix

Traditional “dieting” doesn’t work – you just stay hungry! You stop eating what you like, your hunger hormones go into overdrive, and you feel deprived, stressed – and worse – guilty when you “cheat”. With Sensa Clinical, there are no complicated diet plans to follow, no difficult mathematics, no grueling workouts to schedule, no prepackaged meals, and most importantly – NO stressing out and NO extreme deprivation!

Fool your brain into thinking you’re full and trick your stomach into feeling happy. The secret to Sensa Clinical involves something innovative: the all-new, dual-action, once-a-day formula for weight loss.

Sensa Clinical Works
in Two Effective Ways:


One, it suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin between meals, helping you feel satisfied longer and reducing your food cravings.*


Two, it blocks up to 350 calories per meal, when used as directed.‡*

Life is too short to completely give up eating pizza and pasta. Don’t deny your food cravings anymore. Simply sprinkle, eat, and lose weight with Sensa Clinical!

Sensa Clinical - Weight Loss Product